Plant Name: Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station
Project Location: Cordova, IL
Owner: Exelon Nuclear
EBI Client: Exelon Nuclear
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Electrical Builders delivered superior quality to our project.

Rick Norman, Task Manager, Exelon

They demonstrated excellent judgment and job knowledge. They knew what needed to be done.

Rick Norman, Task Manager, Exelon

The support that EBI provided for Quad Cities non-seg bus inspections was excellent. All the work that was in the scope during the refuel outage was completed with excellent quality and on time by the scheduled dates.

Lon Stauder, Project Manager, Quad Cities Nuclear

Why EBI:

Exelon contracted with us to perform two completely turnkey isophase bus change-out projects at their Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station.


  • Removal of existing IPBD between the main generator and the main power transformer.
  • Installation of new, larger diameter IPBD upgrades and related support steel and air supply duct.
  • We installed Powell/Delta Unibus isophase bus duct system.


  • This work involved a significant amount of heavy rigging and required high quality aluminum and carbon steel welding performance.


  • Both isophase bus installation projects were completed ahead of schedule.
  • Zero OSHA recordable incidents.