Project Location: Craig, CO
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed on schedule

Why EBI:

EBI was called to this Colorado station for offline cleaning, inspection repairs, and refurbishment. Inspection and cleaning of isolated phase bus duct system to include GSU’s, generator cabinets, auxiliary transformer terminations, exciter bus, and bushings. Fabrication and installation of new bellows and in-field silver plating of all contact surfaces.

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  • IPB Offline Inspection & Cleaning
  • IPB Rebuild & Re-fabrication
  • Replacement Parts
  • Silver Plating


  • Pre-cleaning DC Hi-Pot test
  • Remove, clean and inspect each IPB insulator
  • Open, clean and inspect GSU cabinets, generator cabinet, auxiliary transformer terminations, exciter bus, and PT bushing areas
  • Inspect all braided flex connectors
  • Replace all damaged or missing flat gasket material
  • Replace all missing bolting hardware upon discovery
  • Post cleaning DC Hi-Pot test
  • Fabrication and installation of bellows
  • Silver plating