Plant Name: Boswell Energy Center
Project Location: Cohasset, MN
Owner: MN Power
EBI Client: MN Power
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Excellent grades across the board. They did a great job. Thanks!

Jeff Kelm, Superintendent, MN Power/A.P. Electric

(EBI has) Flexibility and the ability to work extended hours and with multiple resources.

Jeff Kelm, Superintendent, MN Power/A.P. Electric

Why EBI:

Boswell Energy Center called upon us to not only deliver inspection and maintenance services, but to perform an isolated phase bus duct upgrade as well.


  • Isolated phase bus cryogenic cleaning
  • Insulator inspection and replacement
  • Generator seal off bushings
  • Thru wall bushings
  • Rubber boot replacement at generator neutral and line side
  • Installation of current transformers (CTs)
  • Replacement of bad insulators
  • Provided & installed five new bottom mounted insulators to support falling conductor
  • Provided & installed new inspection windows


  • The Boswell Energy IPB upgrade was completed ahead of schedule
  • With zero OSHA recordable incidents.