Plant Name: Laramie River Generating Station
Project Location: Wheatland, WY
Owner: Basin Electric Power Coop
EBI Client: Basin Electric Power Coop
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

EBI's crew found problems of which we were unaware. Their ability to report on ancillary issues not related to the scope of work was a great asset to have on this project.

Michael PeteraElectrical Engineer, Basin Electric Coop

EBI's knowledge of process and procedures regarding all aspects of isophase integrity was excellent.

Michael PeteraElectrical Engineer, Basin Electric Coop

Why EBI:

Laramie River Generating Station had  an electrical fault on Unit 2. EBI was called in for emergency repairs along with an IPB inspection and cleaning. This then lead to preventative maintenance to be performed on Unit 1.


  • Cleaning, inspection and as found/as needed repairs of the Unit 2 IPB and GCB compartment.
  • Cryogenic cleaning of the IPB (Unit 1) from the exterior wall plate to the GSU transformer.
  • Installation of 3 EBI fabricated welded IPB access ports with bolted removable covers.
  • Onsite as needed silver-plating of the isophase contact surfaces.
  • Modification of Unit 1 excitation XMFR termination bellow to bolted EBI fabricated clamshell cover on 3 phases.