Project Location: Indiana
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed on schedule

Why EBI:

EBI was called to this station to adjust and correct the Isolated Phase Bus main GSU enclosure misalignment issues due to substandard work performed by others.

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Adjust and correct the main GSU Isophase enclosure misalignment due to substandard work previously done by others to include:

  • Adjust and correct the IPB aux transformer doghouse & tap bus enclosure misalignment
  • Researched and resolved the ongoing Isophase overheating issue
  • Inspect and repair enclosure expansion joints
  • XMFR grounding analysis and repair
  • Wall bushings replacement
  • EBI removed 12 isolated phase bus passive enclosure drains and replaced with new EBI supplied drains
  • EBI removed 15 existing polymer insulators and replaced with new supplied ceramic insulators
  • EBI replaced 600’ of closed-cell silicone rubber sponge gasket on the IPB standoff access doors
  • EBI opened, hand cleaned and inspected all accessible areas of the IPB and the IPB standoff insulator locations
  • Re-surface and silver plate all damaged IBP contact surfaces as required
  • Post repair and improvements, along with a full cleaning and inspection was performed on the isophase bus system