Avoiding a Forced Outage With Isophase and Non-segregated Bus Duct Maintenance

With over 3300 projects complete, serving all major utilities including over 65% of domestic nuclear, 100% of clients who have relied on EBI for isophase and non-segregated bus duct inspection and ongoing maintenance have avoided a forced outage on their bus duct system. Contrary to popular believe, the first step in any thorough inspection and maintenance process happens while you are still online.

Our online system diagnostic service involves applying EMI technology to provide a detailed assessment of the health of your bus duct system. With this technology, we can determine which sections of your bus are being stressed and help you prioritize for a scheduled offline inspection. It has been proven that with regularly scheduled turnkey inspections and maintenance by EBI trained personnel, the likelihood of an IPB or non-seg equipment failure is near zero.

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