Isolated Phase Bus Contractor setting the standard for superior safety performance

By April 7, 2015 March 8th, 2016 Blog, Safety

Isolated Phase Bus Contractor setting the standard for superior safety performance

Electrical Builders, Inc. recently celebrated six years without a lost time incident (LTI) or any OSHA recordables. This encompasses participation from every member of the team to recognize the enviably low experience modification rating (EMR) of 0.70.  Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI) is North America’s leading medium and high power conductor electrical and welding contractor, specializing in isolated phase bus and non-seg bus duct systems.

“We are so excited for this achievement!” -Brenda Lovitz Safety & Quality Manager. “Six years without an injury has only been possible because of our engaged and experienced Employees. We know EBI Employees are engaged because they participate in the Job Hazard Analysis before the job, they provide real-time feedback and peer reviews for safety every day and after a project has been completed, they submit lessons learned for safety. It’s that level of engagement and those experiences that make our accident prevention efforts so very successful.”

The Safety IQ Program has been in place for two years now and boasts comprehensive and detailed auditing tools for efficient and safe work sites by design. This makes it easy for EBI Employees to arrive to the job and immediately establish possible hazards and associated mitigating efforts for accident prevention. Behavioral Observations for safety are also highly utilized tools on the job. “We really have set the standard for safety on the job and the results are in……’s working! The EBI safety standard starts with our culture of learning and the Safety IQ Program is what makes it easy and fun.” -Brenda Lovitz Safety & Quality Manager. With energetic and comprehensive safety training and individual employee accountability, EBI has been able to achieve superior safety performance.

“EBI’s 2015 Experience Modifier is .70 which is currently the lowest possible modifier allowed for operations of their type and size.   This is a major accomplishment that very few Employers (much less specialized Contractors) ever achieve.    EBI’s continued focus on a Zero Injury culture and engaging employees at all level to participate in a safe work environment is, from our vantage point in the construction trades, second to none.” – Patrick D. Kennedy, Vice President, Kraus-Anderson Insurance.

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