EBI Improves Job Site Safety With New FME Covers

By October 10, 2011 January 4th, 2016 Products, Safety

Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI®) has created new Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) covers. The new FME covers from EBI feature durable Teflon material and are designed to increase safety and quality of projects involving Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) components.

“At EBI we are constantly developing processes and procedures to make our job sites safer. Improving the design of our FME covers demonstrates EBI’s commitment to continuously advancing quality and safety standards in everything we do,” said Brian Warzecha, EBI’s QA/QC Safety Coordinator.

FME covers are used to prohibit foreign materials such as grinding debris, welding slag and other matter from entering the bus duct while technicians are working in the area. The covers form a positive seal between the conductor and enclosure. EBI uses the covers during IPB installations, retrofits, modifications and/or cleaning.

“Historically, FME covers used within the industry have failed to effectively form positive seals on the conductor resulting in fires and dangerous situations for workers,” said Warzecha.

This safety issue is what inspired EBI to create an improved cover.

“FME protection is the next step in safety for EBI. The new FME covers are a good product that will pave the way for improved safety standards,” said continued Warzecha.

EBI’s newly designed FME covers have numerous benefits including:

  • Teflon coating for increased durability and life span of the covers
  • Grommet to attach a lanyard
  • No exposure to fiberglass for personnel working near the covers unlike other FME products
  • Ability to withstand extremely high heat during welding activities
  • Professional look and design
  • Bright material design for easy identification

“The new FME covers by EBI have been well received and met with accolades by our clients.  They offer improved effectiveness and ease of use compared to covers used in the past,” said Derick Netter, EBI Field Operations Manager.