Project Spotlight: Critical Contact Surfaces – Importance of Having a Proper Assessment Done

Congrats to our team on another successfully completed project! In this project spotlight we showcase the importance of having a proper assessment done by EBI’s uniquely qualified and specialty trained personnel to determine when critical contact surfaces can be re-conditioned, and when beyond repair conditions will impact the integrity of the entire system. In order to mitigate the risk of catastrophic failure, this plant opted to have EBI perform the following scope of critical system improvements:
– Removed braids, took measurements
– Cleaned the mating surfaces
– Re-silver plated the transformer bushings and adapter bars
– Fabricated and welded in new conductor spades
– Cleaned out the doghouse
– Reinstalled new braids
– Reassembled the connections and re-gasketed the doghouse covers
– Replaced the tuck tape on the mini-bus
EBI’s refurbishment, fabrication, and repair capabilities are second to none. If you have an upcoming maintenance outage planned, have critical projects that require bus duct expertise, have fabrication needs, or would like to learn more about saving money with EBI’s fleet wide Maintenance & Service Agreement, give EBI a call at 877-297-0616 to request a proposal.