Peach Bottom Nuclear Unit 3 EPU Complete

By December 9, 2013 March 8th, 2016 Blog, Projects

EBI completes project safely and ahead of schedule.

Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI™) has successfully completed their fifth consecutive Extended Power Uprate (EPU) support project for Exelon. The most recent project, which involved complete removal and replacement of Unit 3’s isolated phase bus system and all generator bushing current transformers, has been completed by EBI with zero OSHA recordable incidences and 17.5 hours ahead of schedule.

Fred Brandenburg, Project Manager for EBI stated; “Every nuclear project presents its own unique challenges, Peach Bottom was no different. The isophase bus removal and replacement presented a particular challenge due to decisions that were made by the plant late in the pre-construction planning process that changed the lifting and rigging requirements and deliverables. These changes resulted in a substantial shift to our standard pre-project preparation processes which were followed during the previous four Exelon EPU projects. However, we acted quickly to meet the new expectations and reallocated resources accordingly to ensure the new objectives were met before the project began.”

“EBI’s team worked closely with plant personnel to keep the project moving forward at all times by being proactive and prepared. This, along with our extensive past performance history with similar projects, allowed us to complete our fifth major nuclear EPU project with Exelon. We continued on our zero OSHA recordable record, approaching five years now, as well as finished ahead of schedule and on budget.” stated Derick Netter, EBI Operations Manager.

Exelon’s Project Manager stated, “This is our fifth consecutive major EPU project with EBI. Based on past performance history, we were expecting another solid performance and that is exactly what EBI delivered. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

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