EBI Completes Point Beach Nuclear IPB Refurbishment

By February 6, 2012 January 4th, 2016 Projects

Strong work ethic and attention to detail results in early completion with zero safety incidents.

Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI®) has recently completed the refurbishment of the Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) at Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant owned by NextEra Energy.

The Point Beach IPB refurbishment included the replacement of sixteen expansion joints throughout the entire IPB system, modification to IPB support steel, replacement of existing flexible duct connector grounding cables, removal and replacement of neutral bus and insulators, on apparatus silver plating, and the repair of generator lead box covers.

“All crafts worked hand-in-hand to make Point Beach a successful project,” stated EBI Operations Manager, Derick Netter, “We avoided potentially hazardous incidents by following our quality assurance program and staying alert and aware of our surrounding at all times.”

NextEra Energy Project Manager, John (Jack) Knox, stated that the project schedule was maintained during the IPB refurbishment as a result of the efficient integration between EBI’s strong, no nonsense work force and other work groups on site. Cooperation and attention to quality enabled EBI to complete the Point Beach IPB refurbishment ahead of schedule with zero OSHA recordable incidents.