Power Industry’s First Large Format Infrared Inspection Windows For IPBD

By September 12, 2013 January 4th, 2016 Products

New Design Offers Unparalleled Inspection And Maintenance Efficiencies For Power Plants Worldwide.

Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI™) has developed the power industry’s first large format infrared inspection windows uniquely designed for use on medium to high voltage electrical apparatus at fossil, nuclear, hydro and solar power plants.

Infrared (IR) inspection of electrical apparatus is common practice for predictive maintenance at all types of power plants.   EBI’s new infrared windows will allow an infrared camera to monitor internal components of isolated phase bus duct and other electrical apparatus without  interference. EBI incorporated their extensive knowledge and four decades of experience with isolated phase bus duct systems and related components into research & development, designing theirs to be substantially larger than any other infrared window on the market. Yet, still compatible with all designs of both continuous and non-continuous isolated phase bus duct systems.

The infrared window assembly comes with a cast aluminum frame sized to match or exceed the existing enclosure cross section, which can be welded into any isolated phase bus system, regardless of manufacturer or age. It features a transparent, shatter-proof access cover, providing a large area for visual inspection. The easily removable frame also offers technicians an additional access point to the internals of the isolated phase bus for hands-on inspection or insertion of a crawler camera, wand camera, or other inspection device.

Eric Netter, Co-Founder of Electrical Builders, Inc. stated, “We work very closely with our clients and are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to help them improve efficiencies. The typical infrared window is only three inches in diameter and requires direct contact to scan with the IR camera.  Our large format multi-purpose design not only allows technicians to scan from a distance, but the large removable access cover also allows for easy visual inspection on a continual basis which is critical to monitor the ongoing health of your system.”

EBI’s infrared windows are sealed with high temperature neoprene gaskets, making it compatible with both indoor and outdoor self-cooled and force cooled isolated phase bus systems. Windows can be installed on generator low voltage bushings, neutral bushing cabinets, as well as GSU bushing cabinets to monitor temperature and visually inspect adapter links and bushings, which are a common area of failure. In addition, installing infrared windows near wall seal off bushings allows easy monitoring of bushing performance, giving the plant advanced notice to a potential catastrophic bushing failure due to existing inaccessibility.