The Need For International Isolated Phase Bus & Non-Seg Services Is Growing

By February 13, 2014 March 29th, 2016 Blog, News

Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI) recently completed three successful international power projects, once again expanding their service area beyond the United States. The completion of the three projects is just one example of EBI’s investment to continually enhance their wide range of isolated phase bus, non-segregated bus and industrial electrical maintenance service offerings.

The first of the three projects was at Nabiye Central Plant Facilities in Alberta, Canada.  This plant is owned and operated by Imperial Oil and is part of an expanding fleet of plants being built to support the oil sands initiative. Despite the intense weather conditions experienced during the middle of a harsh Canadian winter, EBI performed isolated phase bus installation services on two new systems, on time and within budget, with zero OSHA recordable incidents.


Powell Canada, Project Manager stated, “Electrical Builders Inc. (EBI) is extremely knowledgeable of the isolated phase bus product and installation requirements. EBI worked with all disciplines to make it as easy a project as possible. They consistently went over and above what would be considered “normal” for a subcontractor to do in order to advance the job on a day to day basis even given the extreme hurdles we had to overcome related to environment, structural and design issues. EBI provides excellent safety, quality, judgment and reliability.”

From extreme cold to extreme heat, EBI also traveled to an emergency project in Penal, Trinidad, to provide consulting, technical oversight, and procurement of needed components to the Penal Power Station. EBI helped to return the plant to full service in record time safely and efficiently.


Trinidad, Plant Manager followed up with, “We greatly appreciate EBI’s excellent emergency support! You are a life saver!”

Our third project was in the Dominica Republic. Due to suspected issues in their bus duct system, the plant called in Doble Engineering to perform online EMI diagnostic testing. This testing identified severe arcing throughout the system.  As a result, the plant contacted EBI to provide offline consultation and material procurement for repairs on the isolated phase bus system.


Doble Engineering recently returned to the plant to perform follow-up EMI diagnostics after the plant went back online. It was reported that all the arcing is now gone after EBI’s involvement.

Itabo, Plant Manager stated, “EBI’s quality of work is excellent!  They performed the job efficiently, on time, without disruption to people or operations and without mistakes.”