EBI’s Isophase Bus Services Video Celebrates 40 Years

By September 10, 2014 March 8th, 2016 Blog, News

40 years of isophase bus services celebrated!

This is an important milestone in EBI’s history. This year, we mark 40 years of providing dedicated electrical, isolated phase bus and non seg bus refurbishment services to the power plant industry — to learn what we can do for you, we invite you to watch our video celebrating the occasion

Four decades of quality, safety, efficiency, and reliability

We’ve been in business since 1974 for a reason: our power plant and utility customers know they can count on us.

Why is that?

  • Our clients have high expectations. EBI’s team brings a combined 140 years of isolated phase bus and industrial electrical experience to the table on every project.
  • We’ve never had a warranty claim.
  • We’ve successfully completed projects for more than 60% of the United States nuclear power plant fleet as well as a large portion of the fossil, hydro, gas, solar and wind plants across North America.
  • We have extensive experience installing, repairing and maintaining isophase and non-seg bus systems from all major manufacturers.
  • Our record of safety is second to none, with over five and a half years without a lost time incident, and going strong.
  • We invest more in continuous and ongoing training for our crews than any other contractor.
  • We’re the only isophase bus duct services provider that has achieved ISO9001 quality certification.
  • Our financial strength allows us to invest in continuous improvement and innovation.

That fact is: No other isophase bus services provider can match our experience.

And while we have an extensive wheelhouse of experience to draw from as we meet each new complex isophase bus and non-seg bus challenge, we also don’t rest on our laurels.

We continue to innovate and evolve, bringing new technologies to the services we provide, such as EMI diagnostic testing, as well as drawing upon the social technologies available to us that allow us to reach and serve our customers.

Reaching clients in need of electrical bus duct services

The growing importance of social media in a business’s ability to connect its products and services to its potential customers is clear.

That is why we’ve created this video.

With many new entrants into the isophase bus services space, it can be difficult to assess a provider’s experience and staying power— a demonstrated record of safety, quality and efficiency is critical when you’re dealing with power plant infrastructure and system critical components such as isolated phase bus.

Celebrate with us

We’re proud of where we’ve come from—and where we are headed. A women and veteran-owned business, we celebrate diversity in the workplace and focus on delivering unmatched quality, safety and efficiency with every project we do.

Of course, our business could not have grown without the work entrusted to us by power utility clients from across North America, clients who come back to us again and again.

So, as we celebrate our fortieth year of providing power generation maintenance services to the utility industry, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.