HV Bushing Replacement Project Success

By March 27, 2020 January 26th, 2021 Blog, News, Projects, Services

As the country faces numerous challenges as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic together, we are all impacted differently. For many, income has been stalled. We pray for you. For others in the healthcare and first responder industry, there isn’t enough time in the day. We pray for you and thank you for everything you do. Still, others working in different “essential industries” who support our nation’s critical infrastructure, such as our team, they are away from home, away from their loved ones and unable to ‘shelter at home’. We pray for them too. As a country, we are each doing our part to get through this together and while it is challenging, we also need to focus on the positive and acknowledge accomplishments. We are proud of our team’s most recent project accomplishment. The scope included removal and reinstallation of the highside and lowside terminations to support the plant’s HV bushing replacement at one of our nation’s critical baseload nuclear power generation facilities. We are so proud of our team and their continued efforts to demonstrate the EBI motto of “Whatever It Takes”! God bless the USA!