GSU (Generator Step-Up), Transformer & Breaker Change-Out Best Practices

If your facility is planning a transformer, GSU, or breaker change-out, you will set yourself up for success by hiring an experienced and proven contractor to help remove and replace the appendices. EBI is the contractor of choice to retrofit or modify system critical electrical components by power generation facilities, OEMS and EPCs alike, because selecting an experienced and reputable contractor dictates when you get back online. In over 45 years in the power generation services business, we have never missed a project deadline! We work closely with our clients to ensure a collaborative approach that yields sustainable and measurable results.

When preparing for a change-out project, there are a few best practice tips to consider to ensure successful results. We have listed one of the tips below.  Email us to receive more tips in your inbox [email protected].

Contractor Selection/Qualification Process: Contractors cannot be compared apples-to-apples based on their online presence. The balance of plant electrical projects require an in-depth knowledge that can only be gained from decades of hands-on experience. Your most reliable outcome will be provided by a specialty electrical contractor who has consistency and decades of continuity self-performing transformer change-outs.  Questions to ask your prospective contractor:

  1. How many similar projects have you self-performed? Can you provide references for these projects?
  2. If fabricated replacement components are needed (sections of bus, new termination, braids, bellows, insulators, inspection windows, etc. are needed, what options do you have to available to you and what is the lead-time)?
  3. What is your safety record (LTI’s, OSHA recordables, EMR)?
  4. What is your quality program?  Has your quality manual been approved by anyone?

With over 180 years of combined technical expertise along with over 45 years dedicated exclusively to serving the power generation industry, you can rest assured that EBI has the qualifications needed to complete your change-out project as efficiently and safely as possible. We have an exceptional lesson’s learned database, a thorough internal training program based on industry best practices, an exceptional safety record, an ISO9000 quality audit program, and a valuable customer job performance feedback program. EBI is the only bus duct services contractor who has obtained and maintained ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

If you have a Change-Out project coming up, take advantage of scheduling a webinar or lunch and learn with members of our technical team to discuss how we can put our 45 years of expertise to work for you to guarantee success on your future projects. Contact us today at 877-297-0616 or [email protected].

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