Expedited Onsite Fabrication with EBI’s R3 Mobile Micro-factory Gets Plant Back Online

By February 17, 2022 Blog, Projects
In this week’s Project Spotlight, we take a look at a system that required emergency isolated phase bus (IPB) duct modifications to accommodate the plants GSU transformer exchange. EBI utilized their state-of-the-art mobile R3 contingency unit to provide onsite troubleshooting and fabrication to minimize the plants downtime, saving them time and money. EBI’s scope included:
Correct as-found misalignment issues.
  • Expedited fabrication of required parts and pieces.
  • In-field refurbishment and re-plating of bus bars, adapter plates and LV bushings.
  • Emergent fabrication and installation of bus and enclosure assemblies.
  • Perform visual inspections of the air plenum and deionizer components.
  • Procure and install gasket material and hardware as needed.
  • Final fit-up and setting of the air plenum assembly.
When the unexpected occurs, trust EBI’s extensive bus duct expertise. Whether you need technical assistance during your transformer exchange, require emergent onsite fabrication, or need help securing hard to find or obsolete parts and components; contact us at 877-297-0616 or [email protected].