EBI Co-presents With Doble On EMI Diagnostics Testing

By February 4, 2014 March 8th, 2016 Blog, Events

Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI) will be presenting, for their fourth year at the annual Doble Life of a transformer (LOAT) event February 4th – 7th in Orlando, Florida. EBI will be doing a joint presentation with Doble on the benefits of isolated phase bus duct maintenance and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Diagnostics testing.

An EMI Diagnostics survey is an on-line, non-invasive test that can detect a wide variety of defects in IPB, transformers, generators, motors and associated electrical system components that other technologies are unable to detect. EMI Diagnostics has been successfully performed on electric power systems since 1980 and proven with over 8,000 successful field test on more than 500 different design with 70 types of defects and conditions identified, catalogued and verified.

There are many benefits of preventative EMI diagnostic testing such as it identifies compromised isolated phase bus before an outage allowing you to develop a corrective action plan, provides broader view of system defect including partial discharge, enables limited maintenance budgets to be targeted toward critical/problematic units, empower improved condition assessment and optimized preventative maintenance programs, and allows you to look back at the generator and forward to the transformer.

Our EMI Diagnostic surveys will determine the health of your IPB and identify problem areas during your outage planning stage rather than when the outage occurs. Once identified, EBI can deliver a plan to repair your IPB issues as well as perform the repairs, a complete turn-key solution to the maintenance of your IPB system.

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