EBI’s Video Inspection & Borescope Technology

By February 15, 2021 Blog, Services

Do you have an upcoming Outage planned? If so, take advantage of utilizing EBI’s internal isolated phase bus duct video inspection technology to determine the health and condition of your system while you are offline. Utilizing this preventative maintenance and planning strategy will save your plant time and money by pre-determining possible threats to the system while allowing you to budget and plan for corrective action activities during the following outage season (or emergency repairs if warranted). EBI’s video inspection and borescope technology can identify cracked insulators, water intrusion, debris, dust/dirt build up, lack of proper silver plating, and loose/missing/inappropriate hardware. Routine preventative maintenance is not only a cost-effective way to extend the life of your electrical assets, but also a critical task in minimizing the risk of a forced outage. Call EBI to schedule a video inspection assessment and asset life extension plan today! 877-297-0616 or [email protected].