EBI Celebrates 8 Years of Impeccable Safety

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—St. Cloud, Minn. (February 8, 2017) Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI); the nation’s premier specialty electrical and welding contractor for power generation facilities, recently hit a major milestone by obtaining their eighth consecutive year with a perfect safety record.

“We are extremely excited to reach this milestone,” said Brenda Lovitz, EBI’s Safety & Quality Manager. “Eight years without an injury is a remarkable achievement. This kind of achievement is only possible because of our engaged and experienced employees who play an active role in driving safe behaviors and ensuring the wellbeing of their colleagues. Having our employees go home uninjured to their families is our goal and safety milestones like these honor their hard work,” said Lovitz.

EBI is pioneering new safety standards in their industry with their Safety IQ Program. The program includes comprehensive real-time and continuous auditing tools which make it more tangible for employees to arrive safely at the jobsite, intelligently survey their surroundings, immediately identify possible hazards and develop a plan to address them. The result is self-empowerment, intelligent safety best practices and proactive accident prevention. “We really have set the standard for safety on the job and the results speak for themselves. The EBI safety standard starts with our culture of learning, and the Safety IQ Program is what makes it engaging and fun,” said Lovitz.

“Electrical Builders, Inc. is a long-time client of Kraus-Anderson Insurance. Over the years, EBI has consistently focused on achieving the highest level of safety for their employees and customers.   EBI’s current safety rating is the best possible for the niche within they operate.  Their dedication to a safe workplace, including the use of on-board training for new employees, daily shop talks, and two minute safety drills are just a few examples of programs implemented by EBI that help achieve such a major accomplishment,” said Tom Reuder, Vice President of Sales at Kraus-Anderson Insurance.

“Reaching this significant milestone did not happen by accident. We were able to reach eight years of impeccable safety due to the calculated efforts made by each and every one of our team members to secure and maintain a safe work environment. Our teams cognizant approach to safety is continuously recognized by our clients and is one of the reasons first time customers quickly develop into long-term client relationships. We couldn’t be more proud of our team,” said Jessica Netter, President of EBI.