Do you have an underling condensation or water intrusion problem in your bus duct?

Water intrusion and condensation are common isophase bus duct system issues uncovered by EBI quite frequently. Outdoor bus systems that are subject to drastic temperature fluctuations (thermal cycling), have recently been de-energization/re-energization due to an outage, and systems that are not properly sealed are a few common indicators that an underlying condensation issue may be present. Heaters, dry air pressurization systems, and desiccant dryers are just a few examples of ancillary enhancements that can be installed aftermarket on existing systems to combat condensation that can form in isophase bus systems.

If you think you may have an underling condensation or water intrusion problem, take advantage of scheduling a webinar with members of our technical team to discuss how we can put our expertise to work for you to guarantee success on your future projects. Our technical presentation entitled: Anti-Condensation Measures for Metal Enclosed bus is just one of many webinar topics available. Contact EBI to schedule an assessment and asset life extension plan today! 877-297-0616 or [email protected].