Be a Hero with the Ultimate Contingency Plan

As aging equipment in the electric utility industry becomes more prevalent, utilities need to have an iron clad contingency plan when the unexpected occurs. Will your contingency plan save the day or is it time to consider adding some reinforcements?

With over 45 years of experience, EBI is the contractor of choice for emergencies that occur on equipment from the point of generation to the grid. Considering most failures occur after the bus duct system’s warranty expires, exact OEM replacement parts can be nearly impossible to locate quickly, if at all. EBI’s state-of-the-art mobile R3 Contingency Unit is an all-in-one, onsite service and installation super ‘micro-factory’ equipped to handle everything needed to repair, refurbish, or completely replace electrical isophase, segregated and non-segregated bus duct systems. Since its release, it has been in high demand, supporting both planned and unplanned outages at nuclear and non-nuclear power plants across North America.

“After seeing the R3, I was impressed. The trailer is well equipped and well organized. The unit is self-contained, self-powered and includes everything needed to begin work immediately upon arrival to the job site, including the ability to roll replacement bus duct sections. EBI’s R3 unit is raising the bar and setting the standard for the industry. No one else has a piece of equipment like this for working on and repairing isophase or non-seg bus in the field that I am aware of.  I believe the R3 will be positively viewed by everyone who sees it,” said Brent Lease, Electrical Engineer E&C, Xcel Energy.

The onsite proximity of the R3 vehicle offers increased efficiency and communication between field installers, machinist technicians, engineers, and plant personnel while allowing issues found ‘on discovery’ to be seamlessly added to the project scope and addressed in an efficient, safe and quality manner.  The 24/7/365 availability of this mobile micro-factory has also proven to be invaluable for emergency projects that involve a transformer or bus duct failure, particularly since projects of this nature are largely based on discovery and the need for rapid and accurate repair and replacement parts is critical. In fact, the R3 has been coined ‘The Ultimate Contingency Plan’ by project managers and industry experts alike.

If you are looking to enhance your contingency plan, or if you have time-sensitive projects coming up that require on-site bus duct fabrication capabilities, contact us at 877-297-0616 or [email protected].

To learn more about the R3 Contingency Unit and its capabilities check out our video clip below and visit our R3 Contingency Plan page.