EBI’s impeccable safety record in the medium and high voltage bus duct product and service industry has hit another milestone; seven years straight with a perfect safety record.

“Safety is paramount to our organization. We believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and our work, along with the effort behind it, is infused with that belief,” said Jessica Netter Ducharme, President, Electrical Builders, Inc. “Working safely is how we do business. It’s more than our policies and it goes deeper than our programs. It’s the commitment our people bring to the job each day and the culture we’ve created to support it.”

EBI’s pioneering Safety Intelligence (IQ) training program has produced a workforce committed to performing work in the safest manner possible. Our dedication to safety pays off for our customers in reduced operating costs and increased productivity. EBI’s industry low EMR is a proof of our technical field procedures and ongoing safety training programs.